Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life Gripe: Automobile Maintenance

Today, my Life Gripe is automobile maintenance.  Why?  Because my jeep is breaking me and putting me in the poor house.  If it's not one thing wrong with it, then it's another.  First, I have a cracked windshield, then my battery died, so I replaced that.  Then it would crank, but wouldn't start, so I had to have $400 worth of work done to fix that.  Then my driver's side window came off track, so I had to have a new window regulator which cost me near $160.  Then I was told my wheel bearing may be going bad.  And all the while my airbag light has come on.  So now, I'm having the airbag light problem looked at and they're saying it will cost me anywhere from $40 to $100 just to look at it.  Of course, that money would go towards fixing it, but most likely they're going to tell me it will cost me hundreds of dollars to fix.  That's how these places are, especially when it comes to being a woman.  So I really dread going to my appointment tomorrow. 

All I know is that jeep is breaking me and sending me to the poor house.  I live check to check to begin with and now all this.  Why do automobiles have to be so complicated and such a pain and why do garages have to charge so much and try to cheat you?  I hope tomorrow they don't make me mad, so as I end up giving them a piece of my mind.  This is just so frustrating and depressing, but what can you do?  If you know, tell me, because I'd love to know.

Today's Life Quote:

The right to do something does not mean that doing it is right. ~William Safire