Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life Gripe: Injuries are a Pain!

Well it's week 4 day 3 of the Fleet Feet Sports No Boundaries Couch to 5K Program and where was I?  Home!  My breathing has actually been pretty good through week 4 day 2, but my legs just aren't cooperating!  Especially my right front lower leg.  I believe it to be what they call the beginnings of shin splints.  There have been a couple of runs I was in so much pain I honestly don't know how I made it through and finished, but I did.  And funny thing is the pain usually went away after the stretching was done.  Except for after Thursday.  The pain did lighten up a lot, but I still felt it a little when I walked.  So anyway, everyday before and after training I have been icing for about 20 minutes on and off and consistently stretching.

I have read online how calve sleeves are good for your legs and for shin splints and the coaches have suggested them too, so I went to Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke and bought me a pair.  They gave me a leg massage while I was there which helped.  I was hopeful with my new calve sleeves.  I wore them to week 4 day 2...Thursday's training.  Although they did help, I still felt some pain in my legs.  Mostly my right lower leg again.  Everyone online kept telling me I was pushing it and should rest my legs, so I asked my coach and she said it might be a good idea, but ultimately it was up to me based on how my legs are feeling.  So I decided it was best to take today (Saturday) off.

It broke my heart to take today off.  I feel so frustrated and feel like I'm failing.  I'm trying not to let this get to me because it's only one day.  I just hope I'm able to keep up with the program now that I'm behind a day.  Saturday is a kind of transition day from 1 minute runs for 1 1/2 miles to next weeks 1 1/2 minute runs for 2 miles.  Saturday is 1 minute runs for 2 miles.  Now I'm going to be jumping right ahead into 1 1/2 minute runs for 2 miles on Tuesday.  All I can do is my best and hope that giving my leg 4 1/2 days of rest will be enough to set me on the right path again.  With the exception of my legs I have been doing pretty good.  I really think I could make it through this program if my legs would just cooperate.  Running makes me feel good and it makes me feel better about myself, so without it I am sad.  It's funny but I kind of crave the running now.  I'm just going to continue icing and stretching, as well as wearing my calve sleeve for the next few days and hopefully by Tuesday my legs will be good to go!  One thing I can tell you is injuries suck and they are a pain!  But I am determined not to let this get me down! 

Today's Life Quote:

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."  - Beverly Sills

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life Hype: Couch to 5K

My health has not been the greatest over the past few years.  I had lost some weight in 2008 down to 152 only to gain it all 178 again, actually since starting the program I have lost 2 pounds, so I'm 176.  Now overweight again and on high blood pressure and high cholesterol medicine I have decided to try to do something about it.  so I joined a running program.  The Fleet Feet Sports No Boundaries Training Program which is a Couch to 5K Program.  It takes you from the couch to running your first 5K in just 12 weeks. 

I am currently getting ready to start Week 3 which is 1 minute of running alternated with 2 minutes of walking for 1 1/2 miles. My first week I really struggled with breathing and my right lower leg muscle which is either my lower calf or my soleus muscle. The last week my breathing was better but I'm still struggling on some days with my right lower leg.  I have been doing some stretching and icing it as the coaches suggested.  On my days off I walk my dog for 20 minutes, then on Sundays I we go for a longer 45 minute walk.

I have also been trying to do better with my eating habits and I am doing better although there is still room for improvement.  I only drink water throughout the day.  I try to have something fairly healthy for breakfast and lunch then just eat a regular dinner, but not over do it.  I am hoping with the C25K, the walking and the small changes in eating that I will lose some weight and become healthier.  I hope to down the road, eventually be able to come off of high blood pressure and high cholesterol medicines. 

Everyone says the Fleet Feet Sports No Boundaries Program aka Couch to 5K is a great program and that it will change my life.  I hope so, I am counting on it.  I know it takes my 100% effort to do this program to make it successful and I am trying to do my best at sticking with it and attending all three weekly workouts.  So far, with the first two weeks, I have managed to do so.  I am just going to keep on going best I can.  And hopefully this program will have a great payoff and in the end I will be able to run a 5K and become a consistent runner.

Today's Quote:

Race or no race, Fast or slow, We all come from the same place:  The Very First Step!