Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Hype: Free InCareRx Prescription Savings Card

Free InCareRx Prescription Savings Card
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As a new InCareRx Agent I can provide you with our FREE pharmacy program. The card may be used at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains. This is not insurance nor does this discount card have any cash value. Everyone is eligible for this program. There are no age or income restrictions and it's absolutely FREE! Save up to 90% on all your medications and prescriptions with this Free card.

This is the Drug Discount Card that provides you with CASH REBATES on a broad range of Brand Name prescription drugs. These cash rebates are sent to you personally via an Official Mastercard Cash Card delivered directly to your mailbox! No forms or paperwork - just purchase your prescription drugs and receive your discount and any qualifying rebate! No other drug discount card provides this combination of savings and cash: Discounts at point of purchase + cash in your wallet. Incare Savings Card card has the best overall savings and value of any drug discount card in America -- Get your card today!

Want to become an InCareRx Agent? No Sign Up Fees, No Monthly Fees & No Yearly Fees, Commissions are paid from transactions in Month 1, in Month 2. No Waiting! Commissions are earned and paid as long as your cards are generating transactions, and you Earn $1 per prescription filled. If your patient/client gets 5 prescriptions, that is $5, and if they continue using the card you continue to get commissions.

For More Info Please Visit: Incare Savings Card

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