Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life Hype: Kim's Sensational Jewelry by Kitsy Lane

Today's Life Hype is about my beautiful jewelry I received from my own boutique, Kim's Sensational Jewelry by Kitsy Lane.  I ordered three pieces, a Delila Turquoise Bracelet, Chloe Necklace and a Susana Headband.  My order came by mail, USPS within eight days of ordering.  Some order's depending whether they are at the warehouse or come from the designer can take anywhere averaging from two days to a week.      My bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and will go with almost anything, and even with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.  My necklace is lovely and dainty and will also go with most anything.  My headband can also be worn with just about anything.  They arrived it their black Kitsy Lane boxes, each with a little scripted beauty message on the inside of the box, along with a thank you card.  All boxes come with either black satin or black velvet.  My headband actually came in a black velvet sachet.

Overall, I love all my Kitsy Lane Jewelry!  On top of it all, I love having my own boutique, it's really fun and exciting, and they offer great coupons!  And if I can earn a little extra money at the same time, that's even better, it's win/win situation!  They have a great back office and offer great help.  I also belong to a couple of Kitsy Lane groups which enables me to talk with and share with other Kitsy Lane Boutique owners.  So my overall experience with Kitsy Lane has been absolutely wonderful so far.  If you love jewelry and your looking for a work at home opportunity with no start up fees, then Kitsy Lane is perfect for you!  And if you just love the jewelry, but not looking for any work at home opportunities, then just browse my boutique and watch for coupon offers that I often post on Facebook.

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