Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life Gripe: Overpriced Rentals

Today I have a Life Gripe about overpriced rentals!  Ugh!  I get so mad and frustrated.  It takes practically everything we have to pay our rent and utilities.  And there is practically no chance or no way of increasing our income, so the only answer would be to find a cheaper house to rent.  Well no such luck!  I really like living in Roanoke, but omg talk about OVERPRICED rent! 

Back home, you can rent a 3 or 4 bedroom for $600 a month.  Two bedrooms are around $400 a month.  Here they want $600-$700 for a two bedroom apartment!  Are they out of their minds?  What a rip off, common criminals they are.  We desperately need to find a two bedroom for about $500 a month and preferably in a nice safe neighborhood.  Not in some run down bad side of town. 

We pay our bills and we pay our rent every month and on time, we just need something around $500, so we can actually have a little money left over for emergencies, you know, a rainy day.  Right now, every little thing that comes up hurts us.  And we are so frugal we never ever buy anything or go out and that is taking a toll of me and my marriage.  Every day I diligently search the classifieds and craigslist only to find nothing.  Only thing I find is a one bedroom apartment or a run down old house in a bad part of town.  Again, what a rip off, they should be ashamed!  I am just so frustrated beyond belief.  We deserve better.

So anyway, if you have or know of a nice two bedroom rental home or mobile home in or around the Roanoke area that is in a nice decent neighborhood, please let me know.  I'm not having any luck myself.  I've been searching for about six months to a year now and so far, nothing. 

Today's Life Quote:

“He who holds the ladder is as bad as the thief” ~German Proverb quotes

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