Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life Gripe: Running With Injuries

Week 5 Day 3 of my No Boundaries C25K Training.  So not only did I do 1 1/2 miles, but I did well over that and did the past Saturdays required 2 1/4 miles at home on my treadmill. And guess what? Strange, but I had absolutely NO PAIN in my lower legs. I did however have a little bit of pain on the inside of my right shin. Nothing too major a couple days rest & ice should help. Hopefully that won't be a new problem. This was the first time for that pain. But as for my usual lower leg pain I had been getting with every run.... NONE with my treadmill workout. My breathing seemed to also be a tad easier on the treadmill. Not a lot, but a tad. I also set the incline on 2 to more mimic outside running like they said to. For some reason the interval times seem to pass by so quickly and it seemed like I did twice as many running & walking intervals at home than I do at training. Also at home it took me 40 minutes and our training is usually about 30 minutes I think. I'm just happy I was able to do it. 

So went to the Dr. and she said they are not typical, but are considered a form of shin splints. She was proud that I was doing the No Boundaries Program...that's it's good for me and wants me to continue doing it. So, she prescribed me an anti-inflammatory and is sending me to physical therapy. She said absolutely nothing about wanting me to stop running. But we'll have to also see what physical therapy says too. Meantime I told her about running on the treadmill with no problems, so she said that probably the surface helped, but is still surprised my legs didn't hurt even on there, so maybe that's a good sign.

So on to Week 5, Day 1 of my No Boundaries C25K Training. I ran with the group outside on the asphalt.  My breathing was tough about mid way through as it has been with the now 1 1/2 minute runs. I have to admit I'm a little worried about next weeks 2 minute runs. My breathing was pretty decent until we got up to the 1 1/2 minute runs.  And now it's tough. As far as my legs, I started to feel a little pain in my lower legs about 1 3/4 miles into our run...nothing major this time, just a little, so I went ahead & slowed down my speed a little. That helped, it allowed me to make it the rest of the way. The pain wasn't near as bad as it had been in the past. I have anti-inflammatory medicines to start taking and I have a physical therapy appointment on Thursday. Gonna continue to ice and stretch. And see how my legs do. It may be that I have to do my Saturday long runs on the treadmill depending on how my legs keep doing with the asphalt running.  But who knows maybe my legs are finally getting use to it and with the stretching/physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs they'll be okay.  Time will tell.

Today's Life Quote:

"Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up."
-Dean Karnazes

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