Monday, June 7, 2010

What happened to basic Twitter etiquette?

Today, I have a life gripe.  I was looking across my tweetdeck board, as I have the past several days, and something stood out to me yet again.  There were little, as in only one or two across the entire board of columns of twitterers with any @ replies.  And in addition only a few more RT's than @ replies.  So I'm assuming everyone wants to talk talk talk, about themselves or their business but no one wants to listen or interact?  Second time today, I've asked myself, what is the world coming too?  Why I've even tried tweeting out a couple of @ replies/questions myself, but they weren't answered.  And yet those people (most, not all) still haven't answered me and that was this morning.  And guess what, they're online still tweeting away. 

What happened to twitter?  What happened to the basic twitter rules and etiquette.  Maybe I'll post them again and by some miracle people will actually read them and begin to follow them again.  If even they follow them 75% ...hopefully something.  All I know is there needs to once again be more interaction on twitter.  Let's not just keep posting and talking all about ourselves...let's get over ourselves a bit, okay?  And hey, I am guilty of it to, at least to some degree.  But then, it's hard to do @ replies when people rarely answer you.  You try and you try, but what do you do when you get nothing in return.  It's called common courtesy people.  Remember Twitter is a "SOCIAL" network, so socialize a little.

A Brief and Informal Twitter Etiquette Guide

Complete Guide to Twitter Etiquette

Today's Life Quote: 

Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes

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