Monday, May 24, 2010

Life Gripe: Rainy, Dreay Mondays

Ah, don't you just love these rainy, dreary Mondays?  They always get me down.  On top of the depressing weather, I still have a nasty headache and my kitchen is a mess because I was both busy and gone all weekend working.  So happy Monday to me!  But you know what?  I took a pain killer for my headache.  I have my sweet puppy to always pick my mood up and make me happy, and my kitchen, well it's not going anywhere so I'll load the dishwasher and straighten a little to make it presentable, then do the finishing touches another day when I'm feeling better.  And as for the weather, well guess what...the air smells lovely and fresh, nice and cool from the rain.  The sun is actually peeking out from time to time now.  And I'm doing what I love to, so know what?  I am telling myself this is a Magnificent Monday! 

Todays Life Quote:

The purpose of life is to become happy. The purpose of life is to challenge and triumph over the darkness of misery.

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  1. It is hard to be grateful on a rainy day. Here in Louisiana we say : "At least it's not a hurricane!"

    Oh, and one of my favorite Life quotes is from Mark Twain : When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear, and all is explained.

    Have a great mid-week, Roland